Real Time GPS Trackers VS. GPS Fleet Trackers VS. GPS Loggers

Real Time GPS Trackers - Covert
Real Time Trackers can track in real time. By providing access through a web site, a user can simply log into a site using a password to see exactly where the unit is located. Any computer or phone with internet access worldwide can access the device. Since there is no need to download data (reports and locations visible on log in site), there is no need to download software to a computer to read results. Most professional real time trackers provide a more powerful antenna to loggers (exception - Trackstick Mini), thus providing more accurate locates.

GP Tracker CT201
GPS Tracker CT250
GPS Microtracker III
GPS TrimTracker Pro

GPS Loggers - Covert
Gps Loggers track and save locates directly on the unit, thus there is no need for monitoring service plans that real time trackers require. Logger users must recover the tracking unit to download information to a computer (software is necessary on computer to view results - software comes with device when delivered).

Itrail GPS Logger
GPS Trackstick Mini

Real Time GPS Fleet Trackers - Hardwired
These real time trackers can be hard-wired into a vehicle battery or fuse box, thus eliminating the need for recharging units or purchasing long term extended batteries. Good units for tracking and locating a permanent business vehicle.

CDMA Pro Fleet Tracker
ToughTrack GPS Tracker
GPS ToughTrack Pro

Placement Ideas for Vehicle Tracking
(Please note, if setting device outside vehicle with a magnetic case, we recommend placing device on a flat metal area. Some vehicle areas inside wheel wells are NOT flat. If using velcro to place device, we recommend industrial strength velcro. You usually can find industrial strength velcro in most major hardware store chains. We sell magnetic cases if needed.)

Here are some reasons why they choose us:
Our GPS Tracking Products are easy to install and use.
All tracking units contain built in GPS antennas for easier concealment.
Real Time Trackers can be monitored from any web access computer.
Our Real Time GPS Trackers come with full time customer service.
Our company has a Better Business Bureau reliability grade of A+

Covertly track a vehicle, asset, or person using gps technology. Whether your keeping track of an employee, family member, or yourself, know the location and or path device traveled and stopped.

gps spy trackers
SilverCloud GPS Tag Tracker
GP Mini-Flextrack Tracker
gps tracking key logger
GPS Vehicle Placement

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